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Press-on Eyebrow Stencils in “Demure” thin brow/angular arch

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Shape your brows to perfection with the most innovative brow tool to hit the market! Now you can completely avoid misshapen eyebrows and over-tweezing disasters forever. Take years off your face and define, fill-in, contour and correct your brows beauty-fully with our unique patented “hold-free” eyebrow stencils. Never have to go through the error prone process of measuring and angle setting. These patented stencils have a dual-purpose; a press-on fill-in stencil that helps you form a beauty-full brow shape; and a built-in tweezing guide that presses on over the brow to help you avoid the urge to over tweeze and only take away stray hairs to get that perfect arch. Made from a soft non woven hypoallergenic fabric and combined with a gentle press-on feature these are no ordinary stencils! Each pair can be reused for several days.

If you’re not sure which shape best fits your eyebrows, purchase The brow creator™ - “Try Me” Collection in Demure, Dolce and Dazzling.

Press-on stencil made of hypoallergenic medical grade material.

Box includes:
- 10 pairs of reusable fill-in stencils
- 10 pairs of reusable tweezing guides
* each pair is reusable for approximately 5-7 days, depending on skin type.

Product Item # Price  
The Brow Creator Demure Press-on Eyebrow Stencils
(1 box)
TBC03 $12.00 CAD BUY
The Brow Creator Demure Press-on Eyebrow Stencils
(2 boxes)
TBC04 $20.00 CAD BUY

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