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the brow creator™ - “try me” collection in demure, dolce and dazzling - the best eyebrow stencils

Experience the difference that our unique patented hands free stencils will make to your brows and discover your favorite shape with this unique try me kit.

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Shape your brows to perfection with the most innovative brow tool to hit the market! Now you can completely avoid misshapen eyebrows and over-tweezing disasters forever. Take years off your face and define, fill-in, contour and correct your brows beauty-fully with our unique patented “hold-free” eyebrow stencils. Never have to go through the error prone process of measuring and angle setting. These patented stencils have a dual-purpose; a press-on fill-in stencil that helps you form a beauty-full brow shape; and a built-in tweezing guide that presses on over the brow to help you avoid the urge to over tweeze and only take away stray hairs to get that perfect arch. With the gentle press-on and hands free features, these are no ordinary stencils! Each pair can be reused for several days.

Press-on stencil made of a soft non woven hypoallergenic medical grade material.

Box includes:
- 2 pairs of Press-on Eyebrow Stencils in “Dazzling” medium brow/rounded arch
- 2 pairs of Press-on Eyebrows Stencils in “Demure” thin brow/angular arch
- 2 pairs of Press-on Eyebrow Stencils in “Dolce” full brow/angular arch
* each pair is reusable for approximately 5-7 days, depending on skin type.

Fill the stencils in with The Natural Effect Brow Palette™

See the model below for the most natural looking brows, achieved with the palette.

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The Brow Creator™ - “Try Me” Collection in Demure, Dolce and Dazzling
(1 box)
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